Chelsea New Owner Todd Boehly Net Worth & Background

Chelsea new owner Todd Boehly net worth and background

Here are Chelsea new owner Todd Boehly net worth and background. After a lengthy bidding process, Chelsea Football Club has announced that it has reached an agreement for a new ownership group on 7 May 2022. The deal has been sold to a consortium led by 46-year-old American businessman Todd Boehly. Who has had to compete with some of the richest and most powerful people in the world, including Sir Martin Broughton, Li The Kitts Family, Aetheal Partners, Saudi Media and Sir Jim Ratcliffe. The future of the west London club has dominated the sports pages since former owner Roman Abramovich sold the club on March 2, 2002, after 19 years at the helm. A very successful era. Chelsea have won all available trophies during this period, winning the prestigious Champions League only last season. Abramovich’s decision sent shockwaves throughout the football world.

Russian tycoon and oligarch Roman Abramovich took the action after his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin went under expanding investigation and worries. That Russia could hold onto his resources following its intrusion of Ukraine. a choice.

Like many other Russian oligarchs, the British government imposed sanctions on Abramovich a week after he announced the sale of the club. A few days later, the EU imposed its own sanctions. Roman Abramovich apparently purchased the club in 2003 for £140m: £60m for the actual club, in addition to £80m paying off debtors for his spell at Old Trafford The Stadio Derby watched a well known match between Manchester United and Real Madrid and was enthralled by the enthusiasm and energy of the live presentation. Year 2003.

According to a club statement

According to a club statement on Chelsea’s official website, the new agreement stipulates that a consortium led by Boley will apply for £2.5 billion to buy shares in the club, the proceeds will be deposited in a frozen UK bank account, and it intends to donate 100% to Abramovich confirmed. Charity. The consortium, led by Boehly, will also commit a further £1.75bn for the benefit of the club. This is the most expensive team deal in sports history.

The takeover still needs to be approved by UK football authorities and the UK government. It will also be tested by owners and directors of the Premier League.

Who is Chelsea’s new owner?

The consortium is led by 46-year-old Todd Boehly. Todd Boehly is co-founder, chairman, CEO and holding member of Eldridge Industries and interim CEO of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. However Clearlake Capital will own the majority of Chelsea. Mark Walter, Hansjoerg Wyss and Jonathan Goldstein joined them later.

Where is Todd Burley from?

Boehly grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. He is a student at the London School of Economics. His private investment firm Eldrige Industries headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut; Clearlake Capital is a California private equity firm; Mark Walter is an American billionaire who has worked with Boehly for many years; Hansjoerg Wyss is a Swiss billionaire and Jonathan Goldstein is a UK real estate developer.

Which businesses have they invested in?

Boehly is famous for his interest in sports teams. He is part owner of two very successful sports teams, the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers. He owns 27% of the Lakers and 20% of the Dodgers. Boehly has a footprint in various industries including insurance, asset management, technology, sports, media and real estate, and consumer. He is also the owner of fantasy sports company DraftKings and esports organization Cloud9. Boehly is famous for his preference for a data-driven approach to running his sports teams. Boley has long had his sights set on Stamford Bridge, having previously tried to buy the club in 2019, an offer rejected by Roman Abramovich.

What is Todd Boehly’s net worth?

Boley is worth about $4.5 billion, according to Forbes. According to a report by The Sun, Boley and his consortium have a combined net worth of £10.86 billion. Chelsea are currently third in the Premier League and face Liverpool in the FA Cup final on 14 May 2022. Head coach Thomas Tuchel has weathered the club’s turbulent little period brilliantly and will be looking to capitalise on positive forces followed by news of Boley’s arrival. The deal should close by the end of the month.

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