FIFA World Cup 2022 Complete Match Schedule & Dates After Group Stage Draw

The 22nd version of Fifa World Cup, declared it will occur in the forthcoming year at Qatar. This interestingly when the dates changed from summer to winter season, the primary explanation for it for the planning and Coronavirus pandemic. The dates might be changed if the new varient would not stop or impact proportion be able to drop before November 2022. Fifa World Cup 2022 timetable and match dates revealed and affirmed

21 NovemberQATAR VS A2GROUP A1:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
21 NovemberA3 VS A4GROUP A4:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
21 NovemberB1 VS B2GROUP B7:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
21 NovemberB3 VS B4GROUP B10:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
22 NovemberC1 VS C2GROUP C1:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
22 NovemberC3 VS C4GROUP C4:00 PMEducation City Stadium
22 NovemberD1 VS D2GROUP D7:00 PMStadium 974
22 NovemberD3 VS D4GROUP D10:00 PMLusail Stadium
23 NovemberE1 VS E2GROUP E1:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
23 NovemberE3 VS E4GROUP E4:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
23 NovemberF1 VS F2GROUP F7:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
23 NovemberF3 VS F4GROUP F10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
24 NovemberG1 VS G2GROUP G1:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
24 NovemberG3 VS G3GROUP G4:00 PMEducation City Stadium
24 NovemberH1 VS H2GROUP H7:00 PMStadium 974
24 NovemberH3 VS H3GROUP H10:00 PMLusail Stadium
25 NovemberQATAR VS A3GROUP A1:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
25 NovemberA4 VS A2GROUP A4:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
25 NovemberB1 VS B3GROUP B7:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
25 NovemberB4 VS B2GROUP B10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
26 NovemberC1 VS C3GROUP C1:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
26 NovemberC2 VS C4GROUP C4:00 PMEducation City Stadium
26 NovemberD1 VS D3GROUP D7:00 PMStadium 974
26 NovemberD2 VS D4GROUP D10:00 PMLusail Stadium
27 NovemberE1 VS E3GROUP E1:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
27 NovemberE2 VS E4GROUP E4:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
27 NovemberF1 VS F3GROUP F7:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
27 NovemberF2 VS F4GROUP F10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
28 NovemberG1 VS G3GROUP G1:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
28 NovemberG2 VS G4GROUP G4:00 PMEducation City Stadium
28 NovemberH1 VS H3GROUP H7:00 PMStadium 974
28 NovemberH2 VS H4GROUP H10:00 PMLusail Stadium
29 NovemberA4 VS QATARGROUP A1:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
29 NovemberA2 VS A3GROUP A4:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
29 NovemberB4 VS B1GROUP B7:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
29 NovemberB2 VS B3GROUP B10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
30 NovemberC4 VS C1GROUP C1:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
30 NovemberC2 VS C3GROUP C4:00 PMEducation City Stadium
30 NovemberD4 VS D1GROUP D7:00 PMStadium 974
30 NovemberD2 VS D3GROUP D10:00 PMLusail Stadium
1 DecemberE4 VS E1GROUP E1:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
1 DecemberE2 VS E3GROUP E4:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
1 DecemberF4 VS F1GROUP F7:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
1 DecemberF2 VS F3GROUP F10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
2 DecemberG4 VS G1GROUP G1:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
2 DecemberG2 VS G3GROUP G4:00 PMEducation City Stadium
2 DecemberH4 VS H1GROUP H7:00 PMStadium 974
2 DecemberH2 VS H3GROUP H10:00 PMLusail Stadium

Round of 16

3 December  Winner A VS Runner B 6:00 PM   Khalifa International  Stadium
3 DecemberWinner C VS Runner D10:00 PMAl Rayyan Stadium
4 DecemberWinner D VS Runner C  10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
4 DecemberWinner B VS Runner A6:00 PMAl Thumama Stadium
5 DecemberWinner E VS Runner F6:00 PMAl Janoub Stadium
5 DecemberWinner G VS Runner H 10:00 PMStadium 974
6 DecemberWinner F VS Runner E6:00 PMEducation City Stadium
6 DecemberWinner H VS Runner G10:00 PMLusail Stadium


9 DecemberCompleted After Top 16              10:00 PMLusail Stadium
9 DecemberCompleted After Top 16              6:00 PMEducation City
10 DecemberCompleted After Top 16              10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium
10 DecemberCompleted After Top 16              6:00 PMAl Thumama


13 DecemberCompleted After Top 8 10:00 PMLusail Stadium
14 DecemberCompleted After Top 8 10:00 PMAl Bayt Stadium


17 DecemberFor 3rd And 4th Place6:00 PMKhalifa International Stadium
18 DecemberFinal6:00 PMLusail Stadium

Britain, Germany, Denmark, Brazil, France, Belgium, Spain, England, Switzerland, Argentina and Netherlands, at present affirmed their place for the impending World Cup 2022. A few groups qualifiers bunch stage matches left and capability forthcoming on the outcomes. Complete capability affirmed one year from now during March.

On first April 2022, we have our total gatherings affirmed after draws finished. Fifa World Cup 2022 draw date revealed.

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