Terence Crawford vs David Avanesyan Purse Payouts | How many PPV Buys fight day | 10 December 2022

Boxing pay-per-view for the last month of year 2022 announced, Terence Crawford will come head to head with David Avanesyan. The undefeated American boxer looking hopeful to give his best performance on Saturday at CHI Heath Center, Omaha in United States. David Avanesyan professional boxer from Russia, earn the pay-per-view fight after winning Oskari Metz, Josh Kelly in his past fights. Terence Crawford David Avanesyan purse payouts reported.

BoxersGuaranteed PursePPV ShareTotal Payout
Terence Crawford$1 million70%$2.5m | if ppv sales rise
David Avanesyan$300k30%$600k | including ppv sales

How Much Terence Crawford Make from Avanesyan Fight?

In the past battle, Terence Crawford acquire $6m, which incorporate ensured satchel and ppv share against Shawn Watchman who procure $4m according to sources asserted. How much ppv deals made on the battle day, that will be critical to watch, nonetheless, Crawford will procure ensured handbag $1m from the battle while 70% ppv share more than past. He will take more than $4m in light of ppv deals.

Crawford acquire $11.5m from two battles (Shawn Porter) and Kell Brook during year 2021 and 2022 which incorporate ppv cash.

What will be PPV share for David Avanesyan in upcoming fight?

The figures yet not guaranteed for the compensation per-view, since it’s difficult battle for the Avanesyan, he will procure ensured tote $300k from the battle and his income expanded $600k if ppv purchases are true to form.

Further insights about to Terence Crawford David Avanesyan handbag payouts and pay-per-view share detailed after their battle finished.

How Much Gateway Income & PPV Share Generated from the fight?

Since the battle will be held at CHI Heath Center, where 18k individuals can watch the occasion. The battle between these two could produce $5m to $6m from tickets deals income. Battle will be accessible on (PPV) and BLK Prime. Battle will cost $39.99 to watch stream on these two stages.

  • Gateway Income : $6m | if attendance is more than 13k
  • PPV Revenue : $35m | If ppv sales exceed 330k in US & UK

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