Biggest Boxing Sponsorship Deals | Jushua’s revenue from brands including Lucozade, Under Armour, and Beats by Dr. Dre is $11 million

Biggest Boxing Sponsorship Deals

Boxing has millions of fans around the world as people love to see their favorite boxers fight for the title. Some well-known boxers have made a lot of money through Biggest Boxing Sponsorship Deals and pay-per-view fights. Brands are constantly interested in signing famous boxers to get public attention. As a result, his sales increased, … Read more

Mike Tyson’s Most Memorable Fights

Mike Tyson's Memorable Fights

Iron Mike, the king of knockouts, is arguably one of the greatest boxers of all time. His speed and power ensured that Tyson’s fights were always a lot of fun. Today, when we look at his career, it is difficult to find a match, and we will be disappointed. Of the 58 fights, however, some … Read more

Boxing Schedule 2022 | Upcoming PPV Fights

Boxing Schedule Upcoming Fights

Boxing is one of those interesting games which is known in pretty much every part and nation of the world. With so many boxing boards like WBA, WBC, IBO, The Ring, and so on and with a wide range of advertisers and telecasters, there are many boxing occasions and PPVs occurring consistently. Let’s take a … Read more