10 Most Beautiful Women Footballers In The World

When beauty and femininity are considered, they act as synonyms. Best Women’s Soccer Players. Women achieve their goals and love in almost every field. Soccer is one such sport in which female soccer players are known the world over. There have been debates about women playing football, it is dangerous to health, but when it comes to following your passion, you have to face those limits and look forward. Here we see  10 Most Beautiful Women Footballers In The World.

Many female soccer players have learned the skills and techniques that make them popular on the field. Some of the female soccer players are athletes. Apart from their popularity, some of them are very good and attractive. Let’s take a look at the 10 Best Football Players in the World.

10 Most Beautiful Women Footballers In The World

1Julia Simic
2Alex Morgan
3Jonelle Filigno
4Anouk Hoogendijk
5Adriana Leon
6Nayeli Rangel
7Sydney Leroux
8Laure Boulleau
9Louisa Cadamuro
10Selina Wagner

10. Selina Wagner

Selina Wagner is a 29 year old German footballer. She is currently plays for SC Sand football club. She plays as a midfielder in the Bundesliga club. She is also regarded as the best player of the era.

Country                Germany

Team              SC Sand

Status                   Active

Age                       29

Height                   5’5”

Spouse                 None

9. Louisa Cadamuro

Louisa Cadamuro is a retired Algerian-French Footballer. French people consider her to be the “female Zidane” due to her playmaking abilities, ball controlling skills and vision. Apart from this her, Algerian-French looks makes her look charming.

Country            France

Team               France

Status              Retired

Age                 33

Height            5’5”

Spouse          Liassine Cadamuro

8. Laure Boulleau

Laure Boulleau is 29 years old active footballer who is enjoying her career at the women’s team of Paris Saint Germaine. She is a defender of her team and has a Coup de France trophy with her. This Blonde woman has a dazzling smile that makes everyone get attracted to her easily.

Country                France

Team                   French National football team

Status                Retired

Age                    33

Height              5’6”

Playing Position      Defender

7. Sydney Leroux

Sydney Leroux is currently playing football in NWS League for Kansas City football club. She is a former Canadian Olympic Gold medalist which makes are the popular football player in her team. She has unique features and a sharp face cut.

Country                Canada

Team                  Orlando Pride

Status               Active

Age                   30

Height            5’8”

Spouse         Dom Dwyer

6. Nayeli Rangel

Nayeli Rangel is a 27 year old footballer who plays for Tigres UANL. She is a Midfielder . She is the most beautiful and fit player in her team. Nayeli is also an Instagram model.

Country                        Mexico

Team           Tigres UANL

Status         Active

Age             28

Height        5’6”

Position                Midfielder

5. Adriana Leon

Adriana Leon is 27 years old and considered one of the best young female footballers in the world. She is also a part of the Canadian National Women’s soccer team. She is also a part of the West Ham United Club. Her physique is quite attractive.

Country                 Canada

Team                    West Ham United F.C. Women

Status                 Active

Age                    27

Height               5’5”

Playing position         Forward

4. Anouk Hoogendijk

Anouk Hoogendijk is a professional footballer playing for the Dutch club Ajax. Anouk excels in defense and midfield with her exceptional disposing skills and strength. She made her debut in 2004 and has played 100 games since then. She also represented her nation in 2009 and 2013 Women’s European Championship.

Country                                          the Netherlands

Team                              Ajax

Status                          Active

Age                               35

Height                         5’7”

Position                      Midfielder

3. Jonelle Filigno

Jonelle Filigno plays for Blue FC and considered one of the best players in the team. She is known for her attractive eyes, and her glowing face. She is married to Russell Hopkins and they have a beautiful child together.

Country                      Canada

Team                         Blue FC

Status                      Active

Age                           29

Height                     5’6”

Spouse                Russell Hopkins

2. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan 27-year-old made her debut for American U-20 women team in 2008 and won the world cup in the same year. She also won the title for USA in 2015& 2019 FIFA World Cup. She is the best player in the world and her personality wins millions of hearts.

Country                                 United States

Team                      Orlando Pride

Status                    Active

Age                         30

Height                   5’8”

Spouse                 Servando Carrasco

1. Julia Simic

Julia Simic is a 31 year old midfielder, who plays for West United Football Club. She is the most attractive football player. She is also an Instagram model who often posts about her daily activities and personal lifestyle.

Country                                 German

Team                 West Ham United

Status                  Active

Age                          31

Height                   5’5”

Position                Midfielder

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