How Long Is a Hockey Game? What is the Regulation Time of a Typical Match?

how long is a hockey game

Hockey is one of the oldest sports that has risen to fame in the early 60s and 70s. Since then, it has been popular all around the planet and has millions of viewers. Currently, different sports have overcome the charm and beauty of this prestigious sport. Still, many people are biased toward it and looking … Read more

A Look at Pakistan’s Performance in Every Hockey World Cup

Pakistan’s Performance Hockey Cup

Pakistan’s performance to meet all requirements for the 2023 Hockey World Cup impeccably mirrors what is happening of the country’s public game. With restricted subsidizing and little interest shown by the leaders, Pakistan has been continually on a descending direction. In this Article you Look at Pakistan’s Performance in Every Hockey World Cup When viewed … Read more

The Top 5 Indian Hockey Players in 2022

Top Indian Hockey  Players

Hockey is a popular pastime game. It reaches a high level where the game is recognized at national and international levels. Check out the Top 5 Best Indian Hockey Players in 2022. There are various competitions in regular hockey. Hockey is also an Indian national game where players make the game reach the top. There … Read more