Alexander Volkanovski Vs Chan Sung Jung Purse Payouts | UFC 273 | Volkanovski Will Pocket Guaranteed $400k

UFC 273 is the next MMA event taking place on April 9, 2022. The venue and fighters of the event announced. VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena, Florida is the host of this contest. Moreover, the title fights announced. Alexander Volkanovski vs Chan Sung Jung will meet each other in the Featherweight category as their purse payouts details revealed.

Chan Sung Jung, likewise popular for the name Korean Zombie will meet the current Featherweight champion Volkanowski for the UFC Featherweight Championship. The battle is likewise the featuring battle of the competition other than the fundamental title battle.

Alexander Volkanovski vs Chan Sung Jung Purse Payouts

FightersGuaranteed PurseSponsorshipFinal Payouts
Alexander Volkanovski$400,000$42,000
Chan Sung Jung$500,000$32,000

Ensured Purse | The surefire tote of the two contenders uncovered. Champion Volkanovski will take $400k where as his rival, The Korean Zombie will take more time to the home.

Sponsorship | There is likewise a sponsorship bargain for the two warriors. As Volkanovski is the current boss, he will get $42,000 as his sponsorship while the challenger of the title Chan Sung Jung will take $32,000 as his satchel.

Rewards | UFC additionally offers execution rewards to the warriors. Assuming they oversaw winning the battle of the night grant or execution of the night grant, then, at that point, there will be an extra $50k for them.

Every one of these are the subtleties of Alexander Volkanovski versus Korean Zombie handbag payouts. The last payouts rely on the extra honors. Every one of the progressions will be refreshed once the further subtleties accessible. 2022 UFC plan likewise uncovered.

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