Top 10 Famous Red Cards Incidents In FIFA World Cup History

FIFA World Cup is the most fabulous and most lofty phase, everything being equal. However some of the time, the best stage has seen the absolute most dubious snapshots of the game. From top notch objectives to disputable minutes, the leader rivalry has seen everything. Also, what’s more disputable than getting a red card for the main cash? From Diego Maradona to Zinedine Zidane, the following are 10 Famous Red Cards Incidents In Fifa World Cup

Famous Red Cards incidents In Fifa World Cup

Football is a round of focused energy. Now and again feelings frequently get the better of even awesome of players in significant matches. We have seen laid out and ell formed players blow a gasket and get shipped off in the hotness of the fight. The following are 10 Famous Red Cards Incidents In Fifa World Cup.

10- Josip Simunic Vs Australia, 2006

One of the Bizarre occasions that occurred at the 2006 world cup came during a gathering between Croatia Vs Australia. Croatia’s Josep Simunic was shown a yellow card threefold in a match. The episode came in the In a concluding Group F tie among Australia and Croatia.

Simunic got his most memorable yellow card in the 61st moment for a foul on Harry Kewell. He got his subsequent yellow card in the 90th moment however shockingly the ref didn’t give him a compulsory red card after the subsequent yellow. After the last whistle, Simunic pushed the official. Therefore, a third yellow card was streaked at him alongside a red card finally. This is one of Famous Red Cards Incidents.

9- Claudio Marchisio Vs Uruguay, 2014

In the 2014 World cup, Italy required a success or possibly 1 point against Uruguay to fit the bill for the knockout stages. In any case, Italy fans saw Claudio Marchisio shipped off in a gathering stage conflict at the 2014 World Cup.

Marchisio was shipped off in the 59th moment for a studs-up challenge. With one man down Italy fell in a tough spot. Uruguay at last scored in the 81st moment and took Italy out of the World Cup.

8- Battle of Nuremberg

In addition to a player however this entire match renowned for a considerable length of time and conflicts. Portugal versus Netherland conflict is solidly known as the Battle of Nuremberg. This 2006 World Cup Round of 16 ties will be associated with a record number of appointments in a solitary world cup match.

The arbitrator had shown a World Cup record of four red cards and 16 yellow cards in this wildly challenged game between the two groups. Costinha and Deco got red cards from the Portugal camp. Khalid Boulahrouz and Giovanni van Bronckhorst were shipped off from the Dutch side. Last, Portugal won the tie, graciousness of a Maniche strike.

7- Thierry Henry Vs Uruguay, 2002

That time, The Arsenal striker shipped off in the 25th moment of a gathering match. The match was against Uruguay versus France in the 2002 world cup. France required a success to continue to the following round.

As the Les Bleus experienced a stunning loss because of Senegal in their most memorable game. Sadly, Henry got a red card drives France towards a goalless coax which basically took them out of the World Cup.

6- John Heitinga Vs Spain, World Cup Final 2010

World Cup Final, Match went into additional time, minutes from the punishments, But destiny had an alternate assessment. During Netherland versus Spain, The Dutch midfielder, John Heitinga reserved two times at the 2010 World Cup last. John Heitinga got himself the primary yellow in the 59th Minute.

11 minutes from the additional time finishing, He then, at that point, got himself the second yellow In the 109th moment which decreased the Netherlands to 10-men. Only seven minutes after the fact, Andres Iniesta scored the World Cup-winning objective to make history and break Dutch hearts.

5- Wayne Rooney Vs Portugal, 2006

Britain versus Portugal got truly warmed during their conflict. That time Manchester United Dynamic couple, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo met. Manchester United star given an immediate red card in England’s 2006 World Cup quarterfinal tie against Portugal. After he was at legitimate fault for stepping on Portuguese safeguard Ricardo Carvalho’s foot.

That is not all. The episode that got the spotlight was not that. After Rooney’s stepping, his club partner, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen fervently dissenting and requesting a red card. After Rooney was shipped off, Ronaldo was discovered winking on the camera which incensed the England fans.

4- Luis Suarez Vs Ghana, 2010

Uruguay and Red cards remain closely connected. Possibly they get themself or pushed the resistance players to get one. In 2010, Uruguay required the success to go further in the 2010 world cup. Suarez snatched the spotlight for every one of some unacceptable reasons in the 2010 World Cup quarterfinal among Uruguay and Ghana.

In the last seconds of additional time, the previous Barcelona and Liverpool forward utilized his hand to stop a Ghanaian endeavor on the objective line. He got the red card. Tragically, Asamoah Gyan neglected to change over the subsequent punishment which would have sent the African side to the elimination round however rather Uruguay won the tie in the punishment shootout.

3- David Beckham Vs Argentina, 1998

Around then, A star of the United, Leading England assault, David Beckham began the coordinate with the mean to win and send England to the quarterfinals. Albeit, the greatest minutes in David Beckham’s vocation came in the round of 16 matches against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup yet not positively.

David Beckham got himself the red card in the most essential phase of the match. The match got tied 2-2 when Beckham fouled by Diego Simeone and in counter, the English star kicked the Argentine. He was promptly shipped off. Britain lost the tie 4-3 on punishments.

2- Diego Maradona Vs. Brazil, 1982

Diego Maradona reserved in the 85th moment against main adversaries Brazil in the second round of the 1982 World Cup conflict. The match was essential for the reigning champs to stay in the competition.

Notwithstanding, Brazil was driving 3-1 when the appalling occasion occurred. Maradona got a red card for kicking Brazil’s Joao Batista in his crotch to compound the situation for Argentina. La Albiceleste expelled from the subsequent round.

1- Zinedine Zidane Vs Italy, World Cup Final 2006

Directing his group the entire way to the last, Playing his last games, Zinedine was in the line to compose the fantasy finishing of his unbelievable vocation. Notwithstanding, Sometimes destiny didn’t oblige your arrangements. Subsequently, the most renowned and most emotional Red Cards episodes occurred in the last of the 2006 World Cup.

Zinedine Zidane had practically without any help taken France to the last of the World Cup just to head-butt Marco Materazzi to the ground and acquire a red card. France proceeded to lose the match on punishments.

The dazed crowd later came to realize that Materazzi had incited Zidane with hostile remarks about his sister. The Frenchman commended for his exhibitions in France notwithstanding this occurrence and his standing has additionally stayed solid.


World Cup is by a wide margin the most celebrated and renowned occasion. In any case, Football is requesting support, and at times in heat minutes, it gets the most exceedingly awful for players. Thus players get themself red cards which in the long run cost their groups. Here are the 10 Famous Red Cards episodes that occurred During Fifa World Cup:

  1. Zinedine Zidane versus Italy, World Cup Final 2006
  2. Diego Maradona Vs. Brazil, 1982
  3. David Beckham Vs Argentina, 1998
  4. Luis Suarez Vs Ghana, 2010
  5. Wayne Rooney Vs Portugal, 2006
  6. John Heitinga Vs Spain, World Cup Final 2010
  7. Thierry Henry Vs Uruguay, 2002
  8. Clash of Nuremberg
  9. Claudio Marchisio Vs Uruguay, 2014
  10. Josip Simunic Vs Australia, 2006

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