FIFA World Cup Prize Money History (1982-2022)

FIFA World Cup is commended as the celebrations in various regions of the planet. It is considered as the most esteemed and famous occasion of the earth. As far as viewership, it is underdog to Olympics games. Since it is a worldwide occasion load of cash is engaged with it. With time FIFA has multiplied the award cash of the World Cup. FIFA World Cup Prize Money is important factor.The Fifa prize history (1982-2022) is here.

On the off chance that we analyze the award cash of the 1982 FIFA World Cup release and the most recent 2018 one then there is a huge expanded in it. In the debut release (as far as prize cash) of 1982, the award pool was of $20 million.

It is complex to $791 million in the most recent release, held in 2018 at Russia. The forthcoming FIFA World Cup to be held in UAE in 2022 will be tremendous. The normal asset of the occasion is assessed to be $ 1 billion.

What is FIFA World Cup Prize Money?

FIFA closeout Tv freedoms and Online inclusion for a time-frame of four years. The significant piece of the FIFA store comes from Media freedoms and Sponsorships. Ticket deals additionally add to the complete income created. Here is the Fund circulation of the most recent closed FIFA occasion.

FIFA Revenue and spendings between 2015 to 18

From the most recent four years cycle, FIFA produced $2.8 billion structure TV and Media freedoms, $1.6 billion from sponsorships, $710 million from ticket deals and $600 million structure authorizing charge.

Between 2015-2018 FIFA created an incredible income of $6.42 billion. Out of this, $5.357 billion was created from the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The enormous part of the income is utilized to foster football across various locales. To make FIFA 2018 World Cup a fruitful occasion FIFA spent $ 400 million on organization $420 million was spent on TV and Media inclusion and $390 million for different costs. FIFA gave $120 million to the Russian Federation as an honor for getting sorted out the occasion.

The award cash reserve was dispensed and chosen a half year preceding the FIFA World Cup. FIFA declared $791 million as the authority Prize cash pool for the World Cup. Here is the correlation of Prize cash pool somewhere in the range of 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Stage2014 FIFA World Cup2018 FIFA World Cup
All Qualified Teams (32 Teams)$1 million each$1.5 million each
Group Stages (16 Eliminated Teams)$8 million each$8 million each
Round of 16 ( 8 Eliminated Teams)$9 million each$12 million each
Quarter Final (4 Eliminated Teams)$14 million each$16 million each
Fourth Place Team$18 million each$22 million each
Third Place Team$20 million each$24 million each
Runners-up$25 million each$28 million each
Winners$35 million each$38 million each
Player Insurance Fee$100 million each$134 million each
Player by player payments to parent club$170 million each$209 million each

FIFA World Cup Prize Money History

Beginning around 1982 the FIFA World Cup prize cash has manifolded at regular intervals. In 1982’s release the complete award cash was $20 million. France the champs of 2018 FIFA World Cup got $ 40 million. This obviously shows how the cost of cash has raised after each version.

EditionTotal FundWinning TeamGuarantee Payment
1982 FIFA World Cup$20 million$2.2 million
1986 FIFA World Cup$26 million$2.8 million
1990 FIFA World Cup$54 million$3.5 million
1994 FIFA World Cup$71 million$4 million
1998 FIFA World Cup$103 million$6 million
2002 FIFA World Cup$156.5 million$8 million$100,000
2006 FIFA World Cup$266 million$20 million$300,000
2010 FIFA World Cup$420 million$30 million$500,000
2014 FIFA World Cup$576 million$35 million$1 million
2018 FIFA World Cup           $791 million  $40 million      $1.5 million
2022 FIFA World Cup$1 million$50 million$2 million

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