Football Female Referees Salaries Comparison In Association Leagues

Football Female Referees Salaries

Football is currently the highest grossing sport. In addition to worldwide soccer competitions and World Cup coordinates, soccer associations additionally produce accumulating money. As the world evolves, so do the games. Nowadays, women are also moving towards being turned into a piece of football. Practically every association has lady referees and officials. The amount they earn for appearing in matches. Here are finished observations regarding the salaries of female football referees in different leagues in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

Football Female Referees Salaries Comparison In Association Leagues

Female referees are popping up in every football association right now and they are working great to make way for different ladies as well. Despite the fact that they are paid little compared to male offices due to the guide salary. A couple of female judges can bank some decent numbers. The accompanying table shows the ranking of women’s football referee pay rates and match expenses in the top football classes of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.


#NoLeaguesMatch RefereesAssistant RefereesVideo Assistant Referees
3Chinese Super League$4,200$1,000$1,000
4Serie A$3,600$1,050$1,050
5Ligue 1$3,100$1,550$1,050
6UAE Pro League$3,000$1,200$1,200
7Premier League$2,500$1,000$1,000
8Major League Soccer$1,500$600$600
9CAF Champions League$1,200$750$750
10AFC Champions League$800$650$650
11AFCON Cup$750$500$500
12USL Championship$500$300$300

Highest Paid Female Football Referees

Compensation and cost of matches depends on the value of the association and the agreements of the arbitrators. In addition, authority match referees get the highest ones. While the compensation of fellow referees and video assistant referees is far less. The following are the details of the most generously compensated female soccer referees.

5- Sian Massey-Ellis

Sian Massey-Ellis fulfills her duties as an associate official in the English Premier League. She is the first woman to referee major association matches. Sian keeps $30,000 as base compensation for the season. The fee per match is $1,000 and the total annual profit is over $46,000.

4 – Maria Marotta

Fellow professional referee Maria Marotta has excellent skills and holds approval to officiate matches in Italy’s Serie A. She charges $1,000 per match. Base compensation is $52,000, however bonuses increase absolute annual earnings to $60,000.

3 – Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi

Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi is the leading lady who will be part of Serie An as a referee. He is the best in the business and holds expensive association deals. Maria takes a $1.2,000 per match fee, more than any other associate ref in Serie A.

2 – Bibiana Steinhaus

The German Bundesliga has named Bibiana Steinhaus as its match referee and is paying her an incredible base compensation of $60,000 per season. While rewards and various endorsements increase her annual profit to $75,000. Bibiana keeps $1.2,000 as the cost of managing a lone match in the German association.

1 – Guadalupe Porras Ayuso

LaLiga is generally at the forefront and is almost certainly fast approaching the target for flagging referees in affiliated football matches. Guadalupe Porras Ayuso currently has a deal with LaLiga and takes a match fee of $3,100. Additionally, base compensation of $72,000 and support brings his annual income to $85,000. In this way, she is the most generously compensated female referee in the associated football associations.

# noRefereesLeaguesBase SalaryMatch FeeAnnual EarningsCategory
1Guadalupe Porras AyusoLaLiga$72k$3.1k$85kAssistant Referee
2Bibiana SteinhausBundesliga$60k$1.2k$75kVideo Assistant Referee
3Maria Sole Ferrieri CaputiSerie A$52k$1.2k$65kAssistant Referee
4Maria MarottaSerie A$52k$1k$60kAssistant Referee
5Sian Massey-EllisPremier League$30k$1k$46kAssistant Referee
6Natalie AspinallPremier League$30k$1k$46kAssistant Referee
7Stephanie FrappartLigue 1$40k$2.9k$50kMatch Referee
8Tori PensoMajor League Soccer$35k$900$50kMatch Referee
9Kathryn NesbittMajor League Soccer$30k$600$40kAssistant Referee
10Al ZaabiUAE Pro League$12k$800$16kAssistant Referee
11Yoshimi YamashitaAFC Champions League$12k$800$16kMatch Referee
12Salima MukansangaAFCON Cup$12k$750$15kMatch Referee
13Makoto BozonoChinese Super League$10k$500$12kAssistant Referee
14Brooke MayoUSL Championship$8k$300$10kAssistant Referee

Each is a look at female football referee pay rates and the correlation of match spending across football grades in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. In addition, the most generously compensated subtleties of women’s soccer officials are also accessible. Assuming there’s any subtlety tweaking, we’ll refresh it here. Stay tuned for more dates!

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