Greatest Leeds United Players In The Club’s History

Greatest Leeds United players is the most famous footballer the Premier League has ever seen.

Leeds United’s best players appear not just as individuals, but as team players who can lead the club to victory.

So, let’s find out the names of the greatest Leeds United players of all time!

Top 10 Best Leeds United Players of All Time

10- Nigel Martyn

  • Leeds United career: 207 appearances
  • Position: Goalkeeper

Nigel Martyn a member of Leeds United from 1966 to 2003.

He signed by manager Howard Wilkinson and proved his worth by leading the team to one of the last four of the Champions League after knocking out top teams such as FC Barcelona and SS Lazio.

To this day, he is considered the most outstanding goalkeeper Leeds United has ever seen.

9- Gordon Strachan

  • Leeds United career: 37 goals, 197 appearances
  • Position: Midfielder

Throughout his extensive career, Gordon Strachan has proven his skills at one of the club’s biggest rivals, Manchester United.

After several disagreements with Sir Alex Ferguson, Strachan joined Leeds United for £200,000 and played for Leeds from 1989 to 1995.

He even managed to avenge Sir Alex Ferguson after Leeds United beat Manchester United in the 1992 Premier League season.

8- Norman Hunter

  • Leeds United career: 21 goals, 726 appearances
  • Position: Centre-Back

Norman Hunt’s contract with Leeds ran from 1962 to 1976.

He has an excellent record, appearing in all 42 league games in five seasons and playing 50 or more games in nine seasons.

Hunter named “Bite Your Leg” because he very aggressive and would stop at nothing for team’s defense.

7- Allan Clarke

  • Leeds United career: 110 goals, 273 appearances
  • Position: Striker

Clark played for Leeds United from 1969 to 1978 and bought for a record price – £165,000.

He scored 26 goals in his first season at Leeds and earned the nickname ‘The Sniff’ for his keen sense of the goalkeeper’s net.

Clarke is one of Leeds’ top scorers as the team won the league title in 1974, 29 of those opening games without a loss.

6- Johnny Giles

  • Leeds United career: 88 goals, 383 appearances
  • Position: Midfielder

Don Revie, one of Leeds United’s iconic managers, let Johnny Giles shine in the team’s colours between 1963 and 1975.

Giles is considered a penalty specialist whenever Leeds have to take part in a penalty shootout.

Levy admired his leadership so much that he appointed Giles to run the England national football team.

5- Jack Charlton

  • Leeds United career: 70 goals, 629 appearances
  • Position: Centre-Back

Leeds fans are among the craziest football fans out there and they can’t talk about their favourite player without mentioning Jack Charlton.

He was also one of the most important players in England’s 1966 World Cup national team.

However, he played his entire career for Leeds United from 1952 to 1973, scoring an impressive number of goals.

Charlton has helped the club win many titles, with Division B, Division A and the FA Cup being the most important.

4- John Charles

  • Leeds United career: 157 goals, 297 appearances
  • Position: Centre-Forward

Few have scored as much as John Charles has in his career. From 1949 to 1957 he played for Leeds United, one of the most successful teams in Europe.

His nickname was “The Gentle Giant”, or as Italians call him “Il Gigante Buono”. He is a big believer in nonviolence and sportsmanship. As a result, Charles has never been sent off in his entire career.

3- Eddie Gray

  • Leeds United career: 52 goals, 454 appearances
  • Position: Winger

Eddie Gray had a major impact on Leeds United between 1966 and 1983.

His most impressive achievement as a top scorer was his heeling against Burnley, passing several players on his way into the goalkeeper’s net.

Gray has been one of the greatest Leeds United players since being selected third in 2000. In 2013, he was appointed Leeds United Football Ambassador.

2- Peter Lorimer

  • Leeds United career: 168 goals, 526 appearances
  • Position: Midfielder

All-time leading scorer Peter Lorimer played for Leeds United for two periods. The first was from 1962 to 1979 and the second was from 1983 to 1985.

He became one of the most popular footballers in the club’s history at Elland Road.

Leeds United fans called him “Lash” because of his legendary goal at 90mph.

1- Billy Bremner

  • Leeds United career: 91 goals, 587 appearances
  • Position: Midfielder

If you ask anyone who is the greatest Leeds United player of all time, 9 out of 10 times, you’ll hear “Billy King” Bremer. He played for the team from 1960 to 1976.

Billy Bremmer captained the team throughout the 60s and 70s and is considered one of the best England players of all time.


When it comes to Greatest Leeds United Players there is a lot to say. This is a football club with a long and rich history in the most popular sport.

So being one of Leeds United’s greatest players also equals being designated as one of the best in the Premier League.

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