Harsha Bhogle’s Tweets About Virat Kohli’s

There was a time when Virat Kohli used to run away easily. His motor was waking up and running from the first ball, putting the ball in the coffin, wiggling it, passing through the middle of the wicket before gently lifting the ante. Here Harsha Bhogle’s Tweets About Virat Kohli’s

Harsha Bhogle’s Tweets Virat

From the time Virat Kohli never got a single digit, when a century was common for a talisman player – until now he had signed two consecutive gold ducks!

Kohli had a regular start to his IPL 2022 season – recording 41 *, 12, 5, and 48 points. Signs of a big knock were there: he looked good, especially in the Indian 48 vs Mumbai. Fans were expecting the 32-year-old, who resigned as RCB captain and captain of India last year, to return to his brutal state.


He did not. Instead, it seems to be worse for ‘King’ Kohli. He handled 1 of the 3 balls vs Chennai Super Kings, followed by 12 runs off 14 balls vs Delhi Capitals. Then came a nightmare: the golden duck vs Lucknow Super Giants, and another golden duck, vs Sunrisers Hyderabad.

From the moment the bowlers wished they could just not reward the runs against Kohli, let alone think of taking him out, kicking him in length, keeping him on his toes, not giving him a full ball to get to the front foot. So far – while young Marco Jansen is riding on Kohli’s poor form and self-confidence, he invited RCB batsmen to drive full ball, knowing that Kohli is at high risk of ever playing white cricket, and getting a nick.

Kohli In 2016 IPL

2016 Season: 973 run, average 81, rate 152. 4 years, 7 half-centuries. After that, although he could not repeat the same numbers, Kohli scored more than 400 runs in the last four seasons.

Come to IPL 2022: 8 innings, 119 run, 17 runs (this is Kohli’s worst season average since 2008 when he made 15 runs). It has not been a century.

Well-known commentator Harsha Bhogle, known for his style of words, has posted a complete tweet describing Kohli’s amazing immersion in form and numbers.

Harsha Bhogle tweeted: “The games that life plays with the mightiest. #Virat.”

Here, check out the commentator’s tweet on Virat Kohli after his dismissal vs SRH:


That’s all about the Harsha Bhogle’s Tweets on Virat Kohli. Further details will be available.

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