Highest Paid Cricket Commentators | Sanjay Manjrekar Holds The Most Expensive Contract With ESPN Star Sports

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. In Asia and England, there are many cricket fans. Games will be more fun when analysts discuss the ball with the ball in a heated way. How much do these analysts earn? Here we have the full details of the highest paid cricket Commentators and details of their salaries.

How Commentators Get Paid?

Cricket commentators are usually cricket players who have retired from their international careers. These analysts get contracts from different broadcasters to be part of the games and series they host. Analysts earn contract pay, sponsorship and bonuses.

Contract Salary |

Analysts get contracts from different broadcasters each year or series. Different broadcasters offer different pay based on experience and fan base if the analyst is a former cricket player.

Leagues |

Analysts also get contracts to host these games in top-level cricket leagues such as the IPL, PSL and BBL.

Bonuses |

There are several bonuses given to analysts when they are on a series of hosting events. These bonuses include,

• Travel facilities

• Accommodation Fee

• Free Parking

Highly paid cricket commentators

Here we have a list of top analysts with contracts with different broadcasters. They receive a contract salary and per game fee and bonuses.

Sanjay Manjrekar

Highest Paid Cricket Commentators

• Broadcaster | ESPN Star Sports

• Money / Matching | $ 2,500

• Iligi | IPL

• Annual Income | $ 1 Million

Sanjay Manjrekar is a leading critic and former Indian cricket player. He is currently top of the most expensive contract with ESPN Star Sports and is performing his duties in the Indian Premier League. His annual salary exceeded $ 1 Million.

Ian Bishop

Highest Paid Cricket Commentators

• Broadcaster | Sky Sports

• Money / Matching | $ 2,000

• Iligi | IPL

• Annual Income | $ 900k

Ian Bishop has a contract with Sky Sports and earns a lot from analysts who have a contract with Sky Sports. His game budget is $ 2,000 and the annual revenue is up to $ 900k which includes profits from leagues and bonuses.

Rameez Raja

Highest Paid Cricket Commentators

• Broadcaster | Sky Sports

• Money / Matching | $ 2,200

• Iligi | PSL

• Annual Income | $ 700k

Rameez Raja, a former Pakistani batsman has a contract with Ten Sports. He earns the highest ten Sports commentators. He earns $ 2,200 of the game and has a contract to host games in the Pakistan Super League.

CommentatorsBroadcasterFee/MatchAnnual Salary
Sanjay ManjrekarESPN Star Sports$2,500$1 million
Harsha BhogleESPN Star Sports$2,500$1 million
Sunil GavaskarESPN Star Sports$2,500$1 million
Sourav GangulyESPN Star Sports$2,500$1 million
Ian BishopSky Sports$2,000$900,000
Mark NicholaSky Sports$4000$850,000
Geoffrey BoycottSky Sports$4000$850,000
Michael VaughanSky Sports$4000$850,000
Ian BothamSky Sports$4000$850,000
Mike AthertonSky Sports$4000$850,000
Alan WilkinsSky Sports$4000$850,000
David LloydSky Sports$4000$850,000
Ian ChappellESPN Star Sports$2,500$700,000
Mike HaysmanTEN Sports$1,000$700,000
Russel ArnoldTEN Sports$1,500$700,000
Waqar YounisTEN Sports$1,500$700,000
Rameez RajaTEN Sports$1,500$700,000
Waseem AkramESPN Star Sports$1,500$600,000
Mark RichardsonSky Sport$1,500$560,000
Pommie MbangwaTEN Sports$1,000$500,000
Shaun PollockSuperSport$1,500$400,000
Athar Ali KhanIndependent Television$1,000$350,000

That is about the highest paid cricket analysts in 2022 who are internationally leading and in the top cricket leagues. The salaries of analysts are higher than the salaries of ICC referees. Further details will be available in the event of a change in the information.

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