Longest Football Players Ban (Diego Maradona 15 Months Due To Drugs)

Football is generally frequently taken as a high spirit sport with hostility. Fans love their Favorite players and consequently, players attempt to demonstrate their value. In any case, in certain episodes, Players get more forceful to make their statement and get a boycott. There are situations where footballers see kicking fans in the platform or breaking overarching set of rules. Accordingly, FIFA granted these players with suspension. Today, Let’s investigate Longest Ban Football Players.

Longest Ban Football Players

1- Diego Maradona (15 months)

However much He was well known for his high football abilities, he was similarly popular for breaking the game code. Pretty much every fan and official saw different sides of Maradona. One the Amazing Footballer, other the medication fulled man.

Maradona got two boycotts in 3 years. 1991 and 1994. In any case, In the 1994 world cup, He was tried positive for drugs.

Consequently he got 15 months boycott which finished his International profession.

2- Eric Cantona (9 months)

Well known for his heartless mentality on and off the pitch, Man United and France legend get himself a boycott of 9 months in 1995.

Eric Cantona got the boycott as he kicked (Kung-Fu style) a Crystal castle fan during the United match. Besides, he was condemned to finish 120 local area hours.

Obviously, His adversary cited his expression “Are you not engaged” when he returned.

3- Rio Ferdinand (8 months)

Another Man United player who carried disgrace to the club is no other than candid and forceful protector Rio Ferdinand. Rio Ferdinand was given a 8 months band in 2003 after he missed a medications test.

In his clarification, he said he was doing shopping. Notwithstanding, FA sent him to do the looking for the following 8 months.

4- Adrian Mutu (7 months)

Another chief association player one more bombed drug test. Adrian Mutu was restricted for a considerable length of time after he tried positive for cocaine.

Therefore, Chelsea who needed to dispose of him for quite a while quickly terminated him.

5- Luis Suarez (4 months)

The head association doesn’t neglect to give amusement regardless of whether it isn’t from the match game. Episodes and suspensions remain closely connected in the chief association.

This time, Liverpool player Luis Suarez was granted 4 match boycott. He was prohibited as he chomps Chelsea’s, Branislav Ivanovic.

Notwithstanding, The sharp teeth of Suarez didn’t stop in the association. As he has done it again on the best stage.

At the 2014 FIFA Worldcup, He chomps Italian protector Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder. Accordingly, FIFA restricted him for quite some time.

6- Joey Barton (18 months)

Head League and contention exist simultaneously. This time Joey Barton was the person who got year and a half boycott. He recently spent time in jail in jail for attack.

He has been viewed as at fault for rough lead on a football pitch a few times and getting removed from Rangers also.

Because of his amazing CV, Joey Barton was hit with a 18-month restriction from football following quite a while of wagering offenses at long last found him.

7- Patrice Evra (7 months)

Not from the head association, But rather Ex-Man United payer got restricted from Football subsequent to kicking a Fan (Must be gained from ex-National and United colleague Eric Cantona).

Evra got 7 months suspension and got sacked by the French club.

8- Mark Bosnich (9 months)

The Longest Ban Football Players rundown will be finished with another well known head association suspension. This time It was fortunately not a Man United player.

Mark Bosnich was a Chelsea Goalkeeper who delighted in taking cocaine more than playing for the club. Thus, FA prohibited him for a long time and get sacked by Chelsea.

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