Top 10 Most Hated Football Clubs in the World

Most Hated Football Clubs

In case you are a football fan, it is common to feel feuds for different clubs. The reasons are various. Some clubs are Most Hated Football Clubs.

Some football clubs are Most Hated Football Clubs due to their style of play, achievements or the egotistical behavior of a few players.

How about we take a look at the ten most despised football clubs on the planet and see if your number one club is among them!

Most Hated Football Clubs Are

Rangers FC

The famous Scottish team Rangers FC is one of the most despised football clubs in the whole world. This disdain comes mainly from the fact that we are the best club ever in Scotland and the best club in Europe in terms of prizes. Its prosperity includes 116 awards during its 150 years of existence.

Moreover, their strict philosophies are more contradictory than in the rest of the country. While the majority of Scotland’s population is Christian, the majority of Rangers fans are Protestant. The disdain stems from the support of the English government and its favorable UK belief in trade unionism.

The officers are also known for their feud with Celtic FC, known as the Old Firm. They have around 9 million allies and more than 600 allied clubs worldwide. The most popular devotees are often called daring seekers of greatness.

RB Leipzig

The Red Bull organization bought SSV Markranstädt in 2009 to move the new club into the top German association and name it RB Leipzig. In this way the club’s progress began, and with it came the disdain of the fans.

Most despise the club for circumventing German principles and rules and equipping the group with great players. No other Bundesliga group scored as many goals as Leipzig in the 2018/2019 season. The club finished third and reached the group stage of the UEFA Champions League interestingly.


Arms stockpile or “The Gunners” was one of the most hated football clubs. However, with perhaps the biggest over the top ally.

Apart from competing with Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham and Fulham, it has the third largest fan base in the UK. What fundamentally causes disdain among opposition fans are the buying decisions of the administration and the decisions of Arsenal’s mentors.

The arms shop is part of ‘The Invincibles’ alongside Preston North End, a moniker that represents the completion of an unbeaten season. They achieved this record in the 2003/2004 season under Arsén Wenger. It was something unusual for straight fans.

Bayern Munich

With more than 70 titles, Bayern Munich is not only one of the best and most important clubs in Germany, but also one of the most despised.

She is mostly hated by opposing fans for her pompous mentality. This football team has shown strength in major European associations, fan pride and vainglory. The winners are also known in advance because they usually buy the best players from their rivals.

Bayern’s pursuit of last-minute goals and winning karma also drives opposing fans into a frenzy.


The second most hated group in the Premier League is Chelsea. The moment Russian very rich man Roman Abramovich gets it, everyone will realize that Chelsea will have one of the biggest salaries in the Premier League.

The club and other London clubs have a long history of disputes. Ammunition Stock, Crystal Palace, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United are just a few.

Chelsea have proven themselves to be more hated by signing people of terrible status such as José Mourinho and Diego Costa.

However, they are one of the top six clubs in the Premier League and have won 20 championships under Abramovich.


English club and London football club Millwall is prestigious for having one of the most dangerous fan bases known for its cruelty. They have been depicted in several accounts of rival football for their hooliganism. This is the main reason why Millwall is quite possibly one of the most horrible clubs in the UK.

Something else that incites contempt is the veritable serenade of the fan base: “No one likes us, we don’t care.”

Millwall are in tough contention with West Ham United, Leeds United and Crystal Palace. The neighborhood derby against West Ham was played almost several times and was followed by various uproar from the fans.


With a huge fan base around the world, Barcelona is quite possibly the best club on the planet and its La Masia Foundation has produced arguably the biggest donations in football. In any case, there are also many skeptics, especially from rival fans. Despite their dominance and jealous number of prizes, they are football’s most hated crew.

Barcelona have won skeptics because of their Tiki-Taka style of play, recreation of some players and Messi’s colossal influence.

They are also mentioned to get help from the wrestling authorities. Such a model is the case from 2009, when there was an embarrassment in the semi-final duel against Chelsea FC.

Likewise, the sponsorship decision started numerous discussions. It was the dubious arrangement with Qatar Airways and the agreement with Rakuten after the whale meat and ivory farming was revealed.


The Turin monster is quite possibly the most widespread club in Italy. So it comes as no shock to anyone that it attracts a large number of critics. It is seen as a first-class Italian club and often receives help from the referees in matches.

The club was scorned for his happy side for scoring late winning goals.
Juve reigned for nine consecutive seasons, bringing home the Serie A championship with a total of 36 Scudettos. So the thing causes envy among the fans of the opponent.

In terms of controversy, in 2006 the Juventus boss was in the thick of the match-fixing scandal known as Calciopoli. The group lost their Serie A titles in 2005 and 2006 and were relegated to Serie B.

Real Madrid

As perhaps one of the best playing clubs on the planet, it’s no great surprise that Real Madrid has found its place in the decline of most hated football clubs. This is because of their relationship with the Spanish tyrant General Franco, which dates back to the 1930s, and the way they have one of the craziest fan bases on the planet.

In addition, Real Madrid leader Florentino Perez is one of the most unpopular individuals. He is known for his controversial arrangements and haughty demeanor.

In addition, some Real Madrid players are known for their dirty way of playing, which has been the center of attention several times during important matches. The way they treat their legends makes the club famous, which is the situation of Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Manchester United

Manchester United have long been the Premier League’s most hated group. It was for the most part during perhaps the best supervisor, Sir Alex Ferguson, when they won 38 awards. Over time, they have been known as the lucky side, and their enthusiasts are often called “spectacle watchers”.

The Red Devils were often accused of being protected and favored by the officials. Even Ferguson himself bugged the referees to go his way when they played in one of the biggest arenas in the UK, Old Trafford.

When Ferguson stepped down, the disdain did not go away. What bothers the crowd is the way they have egotistically expressed that they could sign anyone, such as their record £89m signing of Paul Pogba.


These are the top 10 ugliest football clubs, whether due to self-importance, buying great players and condemning them, or desire.

What’s more, just like the energy and mixed feelings that football can cause, it’s also normal to despise your favorite club’s opponents.

So chances are you’ve tracked down your club on our list. Be that as it may, remember his accomplishments and how happy you all are to have supported him.

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