Top 10 Shortest MLB Players Of All Times | Eddie Gaedel With 3’7″ Is The Shortest MLB Player

Shortest MLB Player

It could be interesting to know who is the shortest MLB player. Major League Baseball is the biggest sports event, held annually and features 30 teams. All of them compete against each other during the season and the top two come across each other in the final. MLB players are known for their immense strength and long textures. However, many examples are present in the history where little height people have delivered the incredible gameplay. In this article, we will provide you with the list of top 10 shortest MLB players.

Who is the Shortest MLB Player?

Fans are often interested to know who is the shortest MLB player. That’s why, we have listed the top 10 shortest MLB players in this post, based on their height.

1 – Eddie Gaedel

With the height of only 3 feet 7 inches, Eddie Gaedel is the shortest MLB player. In 1951, he was picked by the St. Louis Browns as a publicity stunt. Still, he managed to play a single game, where he ran on 4 pitches before being replaced by a pinch runner. Gaedel’ appearance in the MLB match was one of the most eye-catching moment of the sports history. Although it is a brief tenure, fans will remember it for long.

2 – Paul Runge

Secondly, Dave Roberts is present in this list as he also possessed short stature and has the height of 5’3″. He was famous for his versatility in the field and solid hitting ability. During his career, he remained the part of 5 different teams. In 2004, he astonished the world with stolen base while playing for Boston Red Sox. Roberts ended his playing career in 2009 and started working as team manager since 2015.

3 – Wee Willie Keeler

Wee Willie Keeler is one of those MLB players who played in two different centuries. During his tenue at Major League Baseball, he appeared for several teams, including the Baltimore Orioles, Brooklyn Superbas, and New York Highlanders. He was a skilled hitter and exceptional outfielder despite the height of 5’4″. That’s why he played crucial role in some important wins of his teams. He was also inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1939.

4 – Rabbit Maranville

Having played as a shortstop for teams including the Boston Braves, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Brooklyn Robins, Rabbit Maranville was the best baseball player if 20th century. In 1914, he performed incredibly to lead Boston Braves to the title of World Series. Maranville was only 5’5″. Still, he served as a key player for different clubs. Therefore, he entered Baseball Hall of Fame in 1954.

5 – Freddie Patek

Freddie Patek has spent a long career in Major League Baseball. During his time in the league, he signed contracts with different teams, such as Pittsburgh Pirates, Kansas City Royals, and California Angels. He was only 5’5″ tall but has outstanding batting skills. Moreover, he was an excellent shortstop and helped Kansas City won the American League in 1980. Patek also declared as All-Star for three times.

Top 10 Shortest MLB Players Of All Times

1Eddie Gaedel3’7″
2Dave Roberts5’3″
3Wee Willie Keeler5’4″
4Rabbit Maranville5’5″
5Freddie Patek5’5″
6Yefri Pérez5’6″
7Harry Stovey5’6″
8Billy Hamilton5’6″
9Joe Morgan5’7″
10Jimmy Rollins5’7″

All these are the details about the shortest MLB players of all times. It is quite interesting how short stature athletes have dominated the baseball world due to their exceptional skills and passion. Eddie Gaedel is the shortest MLB player with a height of only 3’7″. That’s all about this post. Stay tuned for more information!

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