The 10 Hottest and Best Surfer Girls in the World

Before you call us sexist pigs, allow us to understand how we thought about our compilation of the Hottest Surfer Girls In The World

The ladies on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Tour are the absolute most experienced and amazing competitors on the planet, and limiting the number to 10 was no easy feat.

After endless intra-office fights and arguments, the final 10 smokin’ surfing young ladies were chosen in light of these qualities: gorgeousness, riding skills and what they bring to the game. Here are the most amazing and hottest female surfers, at the request of climbing.

Hottest Surfer Girls World

1- Sage Erickson

About Sage

DOB: December 28, 1990
Hometown: Ventura, California
Stance: Regular

After a sluggish beginning to the year, Sage’s surfing got going during the keep going two stops on the ladies’ 2013 World Tour, taking a third in Portugal and a fifth in France.

A California brought up surfer young lady, Sage has executioner bends, a mop of raucous blonde locks, and an underhanded frontside cut thanks to her Rincon point childhood.

Regardless of a sixteenth put finish on the year-end evaluations, expect large things from Sage in 2014.

2- Quincy Davis

About Quincy

DOB: May 18, 1995
Hometown: Montauk, New York
Stance: Regular

The most youthful on the best 10 rundown, Quincy Davis is the most blazing thing to emerge from the East Coast since Lisa Anderson.

A New York local, Quincy parts her time between Long Island and Puerto Rico, and as of late shown her abilities on the public stage with “Today Show” have Matt Lauer.

The reporter had a weighty crash in the unloading Long Island shorebreak and almost must be saved by the dainty princess of East Coast surfing.

Really awful “Baywatch” was dropped; Quincy would have been impeccably given a role as a hot lifeguard!

3- Laura Enever

About Laura

DOB: November 14, 1991
Hometown: North Narrabeen, Australia
Stance: Regular

Laura had a rough year on the 2013 Women’s ASP World Tour, which was chronicled in her web series, “I’m Laura,” yet got it done and will be back on the visit in 2014.

Beneficial thing, as well, on the grounds that the fiery and enthusiastic blonde is a number one of fans because of her irresistible grin, inconceivable surfing, and “toning it down would be ideal” swimsuit decisions.

4- Coco Ho

About Coco

DOB: April 28, 1991
Hometown: Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
Stance: Regular

Hailing from Hawaiian riding sovereignty (Coco’s father, Michael, has won the Triple Crown two times and sibling Mason is one of Hawaii’s top masters), Coco is quite possibly of the most famous young lady on the World Tour thanks to her effervescent character and energy everyone needs dance moves. An athletic and unconstrained surfer, Coco figures to be on this rundown into the indefinite future.

5- Stephanie Gilmore

About Stephanie

DOB: January 29, 1988
Old neighborhood: Coolangatta, Australia
Position: Regular

Stephanie Gilmore won her most memorable significant ace surf challenge at only 17 years of age. From that point forward she hasn’t thought back and has now piled up an astounding five ASP world titles.

A devotee of guitars and long pointbreaks, Gilmore is a public big name in her local Australia, and like her partner Maya Gabeira, she presented (elegantly) bare in the ESPN Body Issue.

Regardless of not coming out on top for the big showdown in 2012, Gilmore viewed as a danger consistently.

6- Maya Gabeira

About Maya

DOB: April 10, 1987
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Stance: Goofy

Maya Gabeira is also present in world hottest surfer girls list and made global news titles in October when she almost suffocated in 70-to 80-foot surf at the Portuguese enormous wave spot Nazare, just to revived by her tow-in accomplice, Carlos Burle.

Gabeira likewise broke her lower leg on the crash and got into somewhat of a spat with enormous wave legend Laird Hamilton, who scrutinized her abilities. After the crash, she immediately sent off into a recovery program, telling GrindTV, “I’ve been on a serious recovery program and I’m on my most recent 15 days of it, so I wouldn’t call it being on a seat!”

7- Malia Manuel

About Manuel

DOB: August 9, 1993
Hometown: Wailua, Kauai, Hawaii
Stance: Regular

Hailing from the Garden Isle, Malia Manuel is the embodiment of Hawaiian excellence. In spite of having an off year on the World Championship Tour in 2013, Malia figured out how to complete thirteenth generally and won the Supergirl Pro in Oceanside, California.

With a smooth and moderate surf style, search for a bounce back in 2014 as Malia channels her Kauai legends like Andy and Bruce Irons.

8- Alana Blanchard

About Alana

DOB: March 5, 1990
Old neighborhood: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii
Position: Regular

Famous for her racy Instagram photos, Alana’s surfing has quietly improved over the last couple of years. Dating one of the best young surfers in the world, Jack Freestone, Alana and Jack are famous as the biggest power couple in all of surfing.

A former No. 1 on this list, Alana is on her way to being one of the most popular surfers in the world, period. Just look at her Instagram numbers—831,636 and counting—which is way more than even Kelly Slater.

9- Kelia Moniz

About Kelia

DOB: February 5, 1993
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Stance: Goofy

A double cross ASP World Longboard champion, Kelia experienced childhood in a house brimming with surfers. She has four siblings (Seth, Isaiah, Joshua, and Micah). Skilled surfers by their own doing, and father Tony was a top master during the ’80s.

A spitfire growing up, Kelia currently ventures to the far corners of the planet surfing and displaying for Roxy. She is the most slick and elegant surfer on this rundown.

To get to realize Kelia better, we recommend staying away from the four siblings and on second thought getting an illustration at the family’s surf school in Waikiki called Faith Surf School.

10- Carissa Moore

About Carissa

DOB: August 27, 1992
Hometown: Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Stance: Regular

Assuming that there were any young lady on this rundown who you’d believe your little girl should imitate, it would be Carissa Moore. The most gifted surfer on the Women’s World Tour. Carissa is the most delightful young lady on the planet — until she pulls on a challenge pullover.

With savage effectiveness, Carissa fixed her subsequent world title in Portugal this previous October. Alongside her serious awards, Carissa named one of Glamor magazine’s “Lady Of The Year” in 2013.

The most great part of Carissa’s resume not even connected with surfing. But — it’s the positive, enabling message she ships off young ladies subsequent to moving beyond body-related confidence issues when she was more youthful.

That’s all about the hottest and best surfer girls in the world.

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