Boxing Ring Announcers Salaries | Michael Buffer Holds The Most Expensive Contract 2022

Ring commentators have the obligation to declare the card and welcome the fighters in the ring. What are the pay rates of these boxing ring hosts and rewards accessible to them. Here we have a total detail list of boxing ring announcers salaries.

Boxing Ring Announcers Salaries

Other than wrestling and MMA battling, Boxing likewise has an incredible impact over individuals who love battling sports. WBA, WBC and numerous other boxing associations assumed a great part to work on the norm of this game. Additionally, a few advancements are likewise there that furnish the fighters with great payouts and furthermore offer attractive pay to staff.

Boxing Ring Announcers Salaries

Ring announcers payouts rely on different elements. One of the most persuasive variable which chooses the payouts is experience. An accomplished commentator procures more than the rookie as he has the opportunity to partake in the huge PPV battles and furthermore gets rewards.

Professional Announcers

The expert announcers get contracts and rewards from various promotions. The payouts of these hosts rely on the exhibitions and experience. The expert earn through the the following ways.

Contract Salary | The professionals get the agreement of larger worth that causes them to acquire a strong match expense. By and large, an accomplished commentator pockets $3,000 as his match charge for turning into a part of normal fight.

PPV Fights | Besides the ordinary battles, the expert hosts additionally get the opportunities to become a part of enormous battles. Along these lines, they get additional cash regarding PPV reward. Michael Buffer, the well known ring announcer acquire between $25k to $75k in a PPV battle.

Sponsorships | There are numerous sponsorships accessible for the expert hosts that make a strong addition in the all out income of them.


The amateurs don’t get the agreements with organizations until they get the experience of at least one year. They get customary match charges for for hosting the general fights. The ordinary per match charge of the rookies are $2,000.

Highest Paid Boxing Ring Announcers In 2022

Here are the highest paid ring announcers for boxing world in 2022 who are presently acquiring their greatest totes as per their agreement bargains.

Michael Buffer

Buffer acquires greatest earnings for his popular expression Ready To Rumble. He is presently the most generously compensated ring broadcaster of the boxing scene and is additionally having contract with UFC. He procures $100k for turning becoming a host of greater PPV battle. Counting every one of the sponsorships and rewards, his yearly pay crossed $1 Million.

Bob Alexander

Bob is one more renowned name of the boxing scene who showed up for different significant broadcasters including Showtime, ESPN, and Fox Sports Net. He has reported many battles and is presently at the second spot in the rundown procuring $750k every year.

David Diamante

David Diamante, proficient ring announcer from America is having contract with DAZN. He is renowned for the nickname The Voice of Boxing, instituted by BBC Sports. Diamante is as of now procuring a match expense of $3,000 while for the main PPV battles, he acquires $50k as a match charge.

AnnouncersFee/MatchFee/Main PPV FightAnnual Income
Michael Buffer$5,000$100,000$1 Million
Bob Alexander$3,500$70,000$750,000
David Diamante$3,000$50,000$500,000
Jimmy Lennon Jr$3,000$50,000$500,000
Ricky Wright$2,500$30,000$350,000
Barrie Eget$1,500$10,000$200,000
Setrha Ejdaharian$1,500$10,000$200,000

That is about the main PPV fights payouts, salaries and bonuses rewards available for the boxing ring announcers. Their payouts are generally like those of UFC ring commentators. Further updates will be accessible here assuming that there is any adjustment of the subtleties happen.

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