NBA Teams With Highest Revenue In a Year | Golden State Warriors Is On The Top With $765 Million Annual Revenue

NBA Teams Highest Revenue

National Basketball Association is making massive money and the number increased throughout the years. There is a huge fan base of this league across the world and teams are now utilizing the market to earn more money. The sponsorships, merchandise sales and image rights deals have put immense balance to the accounts of participant clubs. We have created a rundown regarding the NBA teams with highest annual revenue.

NBA Teams With Highest Revenue

1) Golden State Warriors

Extensive marketing deals and sponsorships put Golden State Warriors on the top of this list as they are bagging $765 million in terms of revenue per a single year. Besides these, merchandise sales is also causing an increase in the net worth which is now $7.56 billion.

2) Los Angeles Lakers

There is a rise in the market value of the team with the increase in merchandise sales and sponsorships. Team is now making around $465 million yearly, and the net worth has now crossed $6.44 billion mark.

3) New York Knicks

New York Knick is present at number three in the list of NBA teams with highest revenue for $452 million they are making per year. The current assets of the club is of $6.58 billion worth, making it the second richest club of National Basketball Association.

NBA Teams With Highest Annual Revenue

#TeamsAnnual RevenueTeams’ Value
1Golden State Warriors$765 Million$7.56 Billion
2Los Angeles Lakers$465 Million$6.44 Billion
3New York Knicks$452 Million$6.58 Billion
4Brooklyn Nets$405 Million$3.86 Billion
5Dallas Mavericks$364 Million$3.26 Billion
6Los Angeles Clippers$362 Million$3.73 Billion
7Boston Celtics$361 Million$3.92 Billion
8Milwaukee Bucks$352 Million$2.43 Billion
9Chicago Bulls$352 Million$4.09 Billion
10Houston Rockets$350 Million$3.3 Billion
11Philadelphia 76ers$345 Million$3.21 Billion
12Miami Heat$326 Million$3.2 Billion
13Cleveland Cavaliers$325 Million$1.95 Billion
14Phoenix Suns$302 Million$3 Billion
15Toronto Raptors$299 Million$3.34 Billion
16Atlanta Hawks$282 Million$2.19 Billion
17Detroit Pistons$278 Million$1.82 Billion
18Oklahoma City Thunder$274 Million$1.75 Billion
19Denver Nuggets$273 Million$2.13 Billion
20Memphis Grizzlies$273 Million$1.67 Billion
21Orlando Magic$272 Million$1.91 Billion
22Minnesota Timberwolves$271 Million$1.7 Billion
23Charlotte Hornets$269 Million$1.77 Billion
24New Orleans Pelicans$268 Million$1.63 Billion
25Indiana Pacers$264 Million$2.02 Billion
26Utah Jazz$262 Million$2.15 Billion
27Portland Trail Blazers$240 Million$2.29 Billion
28Washington Wizards$213 Million$2.7 Billion
29San Antonio Spurs$205 Million$2.16 Billion
30Sacramento Kings$192 Million$2.32 Billion

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