Famous Pakistani ESports Players Who Won The Title Incredibly

One of the greatest industry in the sports world is E – Sports. It is now growing at a rapid pace and have provided the world a new way of entertainment. Competitions at global level have increased its worth and now it is on of the established industry generating a heavy revenue. In the recent years, there is a great increase in the fan following of this world especially in Asian countries. Many events are there at international level in which Asian players have performed. Here are the famous Pakistani eSports players who won the title incredibly and surprised the world.

Top 3 Famous Pakistani E – Sports Players

Here are those Pakistanis who won the titles of the mega events in E Sports.

1 – SumaiL Hassan – Dota 2 Player

The main Pakistani player on our rundown is a teen kid Sumail Hassan who is known as the lord of Dota 2 player.

He didn’t have his PC however the wildness of computer games take him such a long ways in his excursion.

SumaiL goes with his cousin and companions on a bicycle to a web bistro to play the game. He sold his bicycle when he reached a financial dead end and couldn’t pay for Dota 2.

Fortunately, his dad moved his whole family to the US and this is the place where the entryways of chances opened for SumaiL.

At the point when he showed up in the US and begin investigating the spots of his premium. SumaiL started playing a North American Elite League and set up a good foundation for himself as a top North American player.

With time, he got an enrollment offer from Evil Geniuses on 5 January 2015.

Notwithstanding, he laid out and made himself and his group a specialist in Dota 2 and showed up in the International 2015 eSport title.

Albeit, the Evil virtuosos took $6.6 million with them and SumaiL had a portion of $1.7 million around then.

Do you have any idea about what’s the amazing truth? He was just 16 years of age When he won the global competition and acquired $1.7 million.

From the age of 16 to 22, SumaiL has made a total assets of $3.8 million which is unfathomable.

Earnings By Age

16 years old$1.4 million
17 years old$650K
18 years old$265K
19 years old$638K
20 years old$285K
21 years old$17K
22 years old$218K

Earnings By Year

2015$1.73 million

2 – Yawar Hassan – Dota 2 Player

Yawar Hassan is the senior sibling of SumaiL Hassan. Seeing his sibling an effective mogul gamer, he additionally fostered his advantage in eSports gaming.

Fortunately, his sibling SumaiL assisted him with making the progress he goes through like siblings and figured out how to make him #2 in most noteworthy income from Pakistan.

Till now, Yawar has procured more than $600K just from a solitary game Dota 2.

He as of late won the worldwide competition of 2021 that was facilitated in October.

In this competition, YawaR put ninth and won a fortune of $160,080.

This sum was only an expansion to the profit of the past competition he won for $127,000 in 2018 and $137,320 in 2019.

Earnings By Year


3 – Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique – Fighting Game Player

The Arslan Ash is a name that needn’t bother with any sort of presentation. He’s the main player who chooses to live in Pakistan even subsequent to winning the competition of Taken.

He is basically popular for his gaming abilities in The King Of Fighters. He brought home the championship of #1 in Taken Tag 2 and KOF XIII.

In the class of OUGaming in 2018, he without any assistance beat the territorial contest to fit the bill for the King Of Fighters XIV Global Finals.

Yet again the distinction and fame of Arslan Ash upscaled subsequent to winning out of the blue at EVO Japan in 2019 beating an exceptionally proficient player Knee.

He is positioned as the #3 in most noteworthy income for players from Pakistan. The absolute award cash he acquired from 17 unique competitions is $84, 876.

Earnings By Year


Earnings By Age

23 years old$62,518
24 years old$5,037
25 years old$15,000
26 years old$2,320

Some Other Famous Pakistani Players Who Appeared In eSports

Awais Honey$18,922
Bad Sunny$8,000
Saif 4U$8000
Atif Butt$6,475

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