Famous Pakistani YouTube Vloggers Switch for Sports Games for ESports Games

 It’s easy to choose another profession while some people do it successfully. Here we give you a list of Famous Pakistani YouTube Vloggers Switch for Sports Games for ESports Games. Saad Ur Rehman, Zaid Ali and others gained a large number of subscribers to their gaming channel and started making video gaming videos. Pakistani Esports Gamers YouTubers of Pakistan are increasing day by day based on the popularity of the platform in the country.

Why Are These YouTubes Choosing There As The Famous Sports Games for ESports?

Previously these youtubers made random videos.

Their content is based on blood, funny videos, and similar antics.

Saad Ur Rehman is best known for his roasted content

Zaid Ali, used to cut videos using content that attracted Bollywood fans back to Pakistan and India

Shameer Abbas, use to create tricks, chats, video blogging content based on his channel.

Why Is ESports Famous in Pakistan?

People all over the world love to watch professional players play.

Twitch and YouTube live streaming options for gamers for easy access.

They can make money with YouTube and Twitch live streaming options.

To be a part of ESports, you do not need a large budget, mobile computer emulators can be easily accessed to play Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire Zone and PUBG.

The companies it works with can contact the top Esports players to approve their products.

Opportunity to join the top categories of games as YouTube subscriptions increase.

Esports, can be selected as an option as “professional work”.

Saad Ur Rehman | Ducky Bhai |

Saad Ur Rehman | Ducky Bhai | Saad Ur Rehman is best known for his “Ducky Bhai” and controversies with other YouTube colleagues. However, he started his own video play channel where he used to play PUBG with random people. In a short time his YouTube channel is gaining a large number of subscribers.

Games Channel | Ducky Extra

Subscribers | 1.71m

Hall | $ 4k – based on his subscribers and video viewers

Join Date | 2017

Zaid Ali

Zaid Ali | Zaid Ali, a Canadian based in Pakistan YouTuber has gained a lot of popularity with his funny videos and promoted different content. In 2019, Zaid Ali also joined the sports community and gained a huge following following in a few days. He is working with Saad Ur Rehman. His current subscribers are comparing the Ducky Bhai Extra game channels a bit.

Games Channel | ZaidAliGaming

Subscribers | 220k

Hall | $ 2k – based on his subscribers from (US, Canada, Pakistan)

Join Date | 2019

Shahmeer Abbas

Shahmeer Abbas | Shahmeer Abbas has done a lot of work as the YouTube vlogger creates videos on his official channel that get millions of views. He’s the one who turned his way from Vlogging towards Esports. He built the channel in 2018, where he used to upload live live broadcasts of games and other related content.

Games Channel | Shahmeer Ultra

Subscribers | 85K

Hall | $ 1k – based on his trending video instead of traffic

Join Date | 2018

How Much Do They Earn | Source of Income?

It is difficult to predict how much they earn.

Saad Ur Rehman aka (Ducky Bhai) has earned over 1.7 million fans and will earn somewhere $ 1.5k to $ 4k a month on his game channel.

Zaid Ali, salaries based on his content view as his channel returns from Canada could earn up to $ 2k.

Note | A list based on Pakistani YouTubers Esports players taken by many experienced people will be added to the list.

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