Highest Grossing UFC PPV Fights Of All Times | Record Revenue Generated | McGregor Dominated The List As He Is A Part Of Many Fights Included In The List

There are many sports in the world that are paying great money to the players. Ultimate Fighting Championship, more commonly known as UFC is one of the prestigious sport in the world. Millions of people around the world are following this sport. Moreover, there may be sometime very big fights that earn a great income. Here are the highest grossing UFC PPV fights which breaks the record of the highest money earned in a PPV fight.

PPV Fight is actually a pay per view fight in which the broadcaster sell the rights to stream the match live online. A user can buy a single PPV having different cost depending upon the TV channel. Thus, these fights have earned a massive TV revenue.

Khabib vs McGregor

Khabib vs McGregor is the highest grossing fight ever produced by UFC. McGregor, the ultimate king of PPV fight has earned his highest gross income from this fight. Here are some details of this fight.

  • PPV Income | $86.5 Million
  • Gate Income | $17.5 Million
  • Total Revenue | $105 Million

The fight reported record breaking 2.4 million PPV sales that earned a massive of $105 Million. That made McGregor the king of PPV fights as he also became a part of many other high grossed fights. The fight took place in UFC 229.

Highest Grossing UFC PPV Fights Of All Times

Here we will discuss about some of the highest grossing fights of all times where Conor McGregor is a part of most of these fights. That fact shows his authority in MMA fights.

RankUFC EventFightersPPV BuysTotal PPV Revenue
1229Khabib vs McGregor2,400,000$120 Million
2202McGregor vs Diaz 21,600,000$90 Million
3196McGregor vs Diaz1,317,000$82 Million
4251Usman vs Masvidal1,300,000$82 Million
5205McGregor vs Alvarez1,300,000$82 Million
6100Lesnar vs Mir1,300,000$80 Million
7194McGregor vs Aldo1,200,000$75 Million
8116Lesnar vs Carwin1,161,000$55 Million
9158St-Pierre vs Diaz1,110,000$48 Million
10207Nunes vs Rousey1,110,000$48 Million
11168Weidman vs Silva 21,100,000$40 Million
12246McGregor vs Cerrone1,000,000$40 Million
13121Lesnar vs Velasquez1,050,000$35 Million
1491Couture vs Lesnar1,010,000$35 Million
15200Tate vs Nunes1,009,000$30 Million
1692The Ultimate 20081,050,000$30 Million
17158St. Pierre vs Diaz950,000$30 Million
18148Silva vs Sonnen 2925,000$23 Million
1966Liddell vs Ortiz 2929,000$20 Million
2094St-Pierre vs Penn 2920,000$20 Million

All this is about the highest grossing UFC PPV fights of all times that break the records highest money earned through PPV sales. If any other fight will include in the list, we will update the details here on the site.

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