How Much is Each Premier League Position Worth | Complete Prize Money Structure

Assuming you’re pondering, “How much is each Premier League position worth?” look no further.

We take care of you with all that you want to be aware of the total assets of EPL contract groups, what the board needs to do each prepare to draw in more business, and, to wrap things up, the award every football crew gets eventually.

The EPL prize money standings are framed in light of the spot each club claims toward the season’s end. We should jump somewhat more profound into the subtleties.

Premier League Position Worth

Amount Is Each Premier League Position Worth?

The Premier League is quite possibly of the most significant game associations on the planet.

The award cash for the Premier League is desired by all club proprietors in England, but on the other hand it’s something individual footballers pursue, since the compensation and rewards they can acquire are straightforwardly related to the situation in which their group completes the season.

The focuses a club procures depends on the quantity of objectives a group scores during a match. For every triumph, a group gets three focuses; for a draw, it gets one point, and misfortunes bring 0 focuses. These accumulate all through the season, deciding the situation of the groups eventually.

That is the reason each objective, punishment, and yellow and red card counts: At the year’s end, those convert into focuses which add to the general rankings.

You may be shocked to discover that football crews make the vast majority of their cash from TV privileges. Of that, around 50% of the cash is partitioned similarly between each of the 20 clubs in the League. Then, a quarter addresses the Premier League prize cash. At last, the other quarter is separated in view of the live TV presence of each club.

Now that we comprehend how the installment structure functions, we should examine the income got by each EPL group.

Assessed Premier League merit installments by completing position

Premier League Prize Money

#PosTeamsPrize Money Share
1Manchester City£44 million
2Liverpool£41.8 million
3Chelsea£39.6 million
4Tottenham Hotspur£37.4 million
5Arsenal£35.2 million
6Manchester United£33 million
7West Ham£30.8 million
8Leicester City£28.6 million
9Brighton and Hove Albion£ 26.4 million
10Wolverhampton Wanderers£24.2 million
11Newcastle United£22 million
12Crystal Palace£19.8 million
13Brentford£17.6 million
14Aston Villa£15.4 million
15Southampton£13.2 million
16Everton£11 million
17Leeds United£8.8 million
18Burnley£6.6 million
19Watford£4.4 million
20Norwich£2.2 million

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