How Much Swimmers Will Earn In 2022 | Sponsorships & Other Bonuses

Here are the complete details about the base salary, sponsorships and bonuses of the swimmers and how much they will earn in 2022? With FINA’s announcement on Monday morning that it will host the multi-sectoral World Aquatics Championships in 2022, there will now be World Aquatics Championship meetings for four consecutive years:

  • Budapest 2022
  • Fukuoka 2023
  • Doha 2024
  • Kazan 2025

Addition to the Olympics

Short Course Worlds, World Cup, ISL, European Championship, Commonwealth Games, World University Games, Mare Nostrums, and all the other various competitions packed on the swimming calendar. And that not to mention the water polo, diving, open water, and synchro events.

Many readers of SwamSwam, and certainly others, have loudly wondered why ‘this’ happened. Is it a cow to the Americans, who had nothing else to do this year? Is it self-defense in ISL?

The answer, as it often does, is probably not so bad and so obvious: money. As is often the case.

And FINA is not the only one who deserves to benefit, either.

Although FINA has not yet announced its funding for the 2022 World Cup, their 2019 financial statements list 9.3 million Swiss Francs from “City Cities rights and funding” at the Gwangju World Championships. That’s about $ 10 million based on today’s exchange rates.

Now what other motivation does FINA really need outside of a host city and a cooperative willing to pay?

Although FINA may turn a profit on meeting it anyway, it does not keep all that money. In Gwangju, they have distributed more than R6 million in prize money in all categories.

With all these conventions going on, athletes will have the opportunity to raise big money. To create an international quad calendar for the Retta Race, here is the money that will be taken soon.

2022 Big Money Swimming Combines:

Following facts will reveal that how much money swimmers will earn from different competitions and how much they will make through sponsorships and bonuses.

  • June-July: 2022 World Aquatics Championships Budapest – $2.7 million
  • June-December: 2022 International Swimming League Season – $13 million (including salaries)
  • July-August: 2022 Commonwealth Games – No known automatic prize money (though most federations award big)
  • August: 2022 European Aquatics Championships – $270,000
  • TBD: 2022 FINA World Cup – $1,452,000
  • December (TBC): 2022 World Short Course Championships – around $2 million

This ends up being a bad one, because some of them cover the cost of appearance, record bonuses, some of them cover travel expenses, some come with bonuses from co-operatives, etc.

The cover on top of this is another $ 60,000 or more from Mare Nostrum, plus a handful of other collections, and the next few years could be a lot of money in the pockets of swimmers.

In fact, it is likely that this will be the richest year in the history of swimming – even outside of the Olympic Games. The final prize money (and, in addition to organizational bonuses, travel expenses, etc.) will be in the region of $ 20 million or more.

While that is far from the money earned by athletes in major sports such as soccer and netball, it is a major step for swimmers and swimmers.

Most conventions are for everyone – governing bodies, athletes, fans – and now it’s up to the athletes to commit to going out and chasing that bag.

That’s all about the details of the base salary, sponsorships and bonuses of the swimmers and how much they will earn in 2022?

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