How Much WWE Female Match Officials Referees Earn Per Match | PPV Match Salaries & Sponsorship Bonuses

WWE Female Referees Salaries

WWE is not just an wrestling promotion these days. Now, it is more popular than to be expected as money and beauty brings a lot more fan following. Not only as the wrestlers, females are also entering the promotion as ring announcers, judges and referees. To be a referee or judge in such a big industry is not something you can easily become because a lot of expertise required. Thus, the pay rates are also higher. How much WWE female match officials or referees earn per match and what are the contract salaries offered to them? Based on the official figures, we have a complete run down of salaries below.

How Much WWE Female Match Officials Earn Per Match?

There are various ways by which the female referess and match officials earn money for officiating the matches. These are:

  • Contract Salaries
  • Sponsorships
  • Image Rights Deals
  • Performance Bonuses


WWE provide offers to the very young and talented females to join the promotion as they get the chance to referee some big matches. In return, they pocket the match fee as well as the bonuses. However, they are not given contracts until they get experience. The match fee of rookies remain in between the $300 to the maximum of $500.

>>>Experienced Professionals

Female referees with more than 2 or 3 years of experience in WWE receive ludicrous contracts and are among the highest paid female officials as compared to boxing or UFC referees. They receive the match fee of $1,000 for ordinary matches. On the other side, their contracts also include officiating the big pay per view contests. At that occasions, the salaries got a solid boom and match fee may be up to $2,500.

Besides the contract salary and pay per view bonuses, there are many sponsorships available for Experienced female match officials in WWE. Merchandise sales and image rights deals make their annual earnings reach $150k.

WWE Female Referees Salaries Breakdown

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