‘Cricketers are really soft’ – Shoaib Akhtar wants bodyline legalized

Shoaib Akhtar, the previous Pakistan bowler, has wants the legalized of bodyline bowling in the longest form of the game. A solicitation has additionally been made to the International Cricket Council (ICC) by the Rawalpindi Express to cancel constraints on how much bouncers that might be astonished in an.

Strikingly, the bodyline theory of bowling was initially utilized by the England side during their Ashes series triumph in 1932-33. The standard is that the ball ought to be heaved towards the hitter’s body. As a result, batsmen are compelled to pick either playing the ball or being struck in the body. The guideline, then again, was quickly canceled. It should be noticed that, beginning around 1994, Test bowlers have been restricted to a limit of two bouncers each over in their innings. During his playing days, the Rawalpindi Express was an overwhelming quick bowler. The 46-year-old claims the record for conveying the quickest lawful conveyance in cricket history. Shoaib Akhtar wants bodyline legalized.

I’m looking for some personality: Shoaib Akhtar

The previous Pakistan bowler has focused on the way that cutting edge players have become delicate. Likewise, there could be as of now not any forcefulness in their game. Accordingly, Akhtar has requested the reestablishment of the old guidelines to give Test cricket “character.”

“Nowadays, they [contemporary cricket players] are truly delicate. I don’t completely accept that the forcefulness is pretty much as solid as it used to be. I don’t know why this is occurring. Along these lines as Ian Chappell, I’m outdated. I’d need a boundless number of bouncers. The act of bodyline bowling ought to be allowed. What’s the mischief in attempting? I’m searching for some, personality,”Akhtar was refered to as saying as per Daily Mail.

Likewise raised was Akhtar’s notorious 2004-05 Test series against Australia. In which he endeavored to disturb the batsman with his lethal bouncers without any result.

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