Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Trophies In 2023

Most Expensive Trophies in Sports

Winning trophies anywhere in the world is the greatest thing that can happen to a team or a person, they are considered very dear and create the fondest memories in a particular sport. Winning trophies means a lot to a player or a club, the importance and significance of these trophies cannot be measured in money alone as it is worth more than that. In this article, you will see the World’s Most Expensive Trophies In 2023, which is a collection of different trophies from several other sports in the world. The value of these trophies is also denominated in US dollars.

You may not have stumbled across the price tags on these trophies from different parts of the world, but when you check out this article, I’m sure you’ll be shocked to the marrow. Trophies are awarded to the winner of each match to show the importance of this incredible achievement and I am sure you have a trophy to match the value of these trophies which are held in several leagues around the world fight for it. For the players and the clubs fighting for these trophies, they do so not because of the monetary aspect, but because of the value, which increases their value as players and as a club as a whole.

I’m sure you’ve watched a lot of football finals and other sports and seen how hot it is always because it takes a lot of fighting to be the winner of these trophies.

Now let’s take a closer look at the list of the world’s most expensive trophies in 2023.

List Of The World’s Most Expensive Trophies In 2023

  1. Serie A trophy – $66,000 (Football)
  2. DFB-Pokal trophy – $108,000 (Football)
  3. Africa Cup of Nations trophy – $150,000 (Football)
  4. America’s Cup trophy – $250,000 (Sailing)
  5. Ballon d’Or trophy – $600,000 (Football)
  6. Stanley Cup Trophy – $650,000 (Ice Hockey)
  7. BNP Paribas Fortis Diamond Games trophy – $1.3 million (tennis)
  8. Borg-Warner Trophy – $1.3 million (Motorsport)
  9. Woodlawn Vase Trophy – $2.5 million (Horse Riding)
  10. FIFA World Cup Trophy – $20 million (Football)

17Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy

[NBA trophy] – $13,500

Game – basketball
MATERIAL – 24 Karat Gold over Sterling Silver and Sterling Silver Plated.
Size – 61cm
Year of creation – 1977
Weight – 6.6kg

The Larry O’Brien Trophy is a basketball trophy awarded to the winner of the NBA Finals. First presented in 1977, the trophy is shaped like a basketball with a hoop and hoop. Tiffany & Co. presented yet another award. It was worth $13,500 or £10,000, according to USA Today. This trophy is one of the World’s Most Expensive Trophies In 2023.

16- European Championship (UCL) Trophy – $15,000

The new trophy took 340 hours to create and is the fifth iteration of the current design.
It was ordered by UEFA and purchased from a Swiss jeweler for CHF 10,000 (about £8,000).

The trophy is 73.5cm high and weighs 7.5kg. The 2023 European Champions Trophy is currently worth $15,000.

15- European Championship Trophy [Henri Delaunay Trophy]– $15,000

Competitions – UEFA European Football Championship
Material – Sterling Silver
Size – 61cm
Year created – 2008
Weight – 8kg

The football trophy is awarded to the winner of the UEFA European Championship held every four years. The coveted football trophy is made of sterling silver and is worth around $15,000 (£12,000.00). Henri Delaunay conceived the idea of staging the European Championships, but died five years before the first edition, thus claiming the title.
The original trophy was made in 1960 but was redesigned in 2008 to be larger after it was deemed overshadowed by UEFA’s other trophies. This trophy is one of the World’s Most Expensive Trophies In 2023.

14- Commissioner’s Trophy [MLB] – $19,309

Games – Major League Baseball
Material – Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Size – 61cm
Year Founded – 1967
Weight – 14kg

The Commissioner’s Trophy was first presented in 1967 to the winning team of the Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series.
When first commissioned, the baseball trophy was worth $2,500 and is now worth an estimated $19,309 (£15,000). It’s made of sterling silver and features 30 gold-plated flags, one for each major league baseball team. In the center of the trophy is a silver baseball with 24 karat sterling silver stitching.

13- ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy – $30,000

Most Expensive Trophy in the World 2021
Game – Super Bowl
Material – Silver and Gold
Size – 60cm
Year created – 1999
Weight – 11kg

Created in 1999, the Cricket World Cup Trophy is awarded to the winning team of the ICC Cricket World Cup. It consists of three silver pillars supporting a golden sphere. Batting, bowling and fielding are represented by three pillars, while cricket and world are represented by globes. Crafted in London, the trophy consists of gold and silver and is worth around $30,000 (£23,500). This trophy is one of the most expensive in the world in 2023.

The winner’s name is engraved on the bottom of the trophy, located at the International Cricket Council’s offices in Dubai. The winning team will receive a copy.

12- The Super Bowl Trophy (Vince Lombardi Trophy) – $50,000

Game – Super Bowl
Material – Sterling Silver
Size – 56cm
Year Founded – 1967
Weight – 3.2 kg

Made of sterling silver, the Vince Lombardi Trophy is presented annually to the winner of the NFL Super Bowl Championship Game. Unlike the other trophies on this list, a new Vince Lombardi Trophy is created each year and the winning team gets to keep it.

The Green Bay Packers received the original award produced by Tiffany & Co. of Newark, New Jersey. Although the raw trophies are worth just $2,000 (£1,600) based on raw materials, producing the trophies takes around four months, 72 man-hours and $50,000 (£40,000) a year.

11- Bundesliga trophy (Meisterschale) – $54,000

Purpose: Awarded annually to the champion of the German Football League
Actual value: $54,000
At the end of the season, the Bundesliga Meisterschale (Champions Shield) is awarded to the German champions. 1. Cologne were the first team to win the trophy in 1964, following the inaugural season of the then-new First Division in 1963. This shield has been worn by every German champion since 1949. This trophy is one of the World’s Most Expensive Trophies In 2023.

10- Serie A trophy – $66,000

Purpose: Awarded annually to the champions of the Italian Football League
Actual value: $66,000
league champion
Since the 1923-24 season, the winning team has worn a small badge with the Italian tricolor in subsequent seasons, so the Serie A title is sometimes referred to as a scudetto (“little shield”).

9- DFB-Pokal Trophy – $108,000

Purpose: Awarded to the winner of the knockout round of the German Football Cup held every year.
Actual value: $108,000
The Deutscher Fußball-Bund hosts the DFB-Pokal, an annual German Football Cup knockout competition. A total of 64 teams participated in the competition, including all Bundesliga leagues and 2 Bundesliga clubs. This trophy is one of the World’s Most Expensive Trophies In 2023.

8- Africa Cup of Nations trophy – $150,000

Purpose: Awarded to the winner of an international football championship held every two years for African countries only
Actual value: $150,000
In its history, the winner of the Africa Cup of Nations has won three separate trophies. The Abdelaziz Abdallah Salem Trophy, made of silver, is named after the Egyptian Abdelaziz Abdallah Salem, the first CAF President.
The third trophy, a gold-plated trophy designed and manufactured in Italy, was unveiled in 2001. Cameroon, the permanent holder of the previous trophy, became the first country to win the trophy after winning the 2002 edition. The winner of each session allowed to hold will receive a replica of the original trophy of the same size.

7- America’s Cup Trophy – $250,000

Purpose: Awarded to the winner of the America’s Cup regatta between two sailing ships.
Actual value: $250,000
The America’s Cup, also known as the Auld Mug, is an award given to the best sailors in the world. It is the oldest international competition in any sport still in play.
This name was given to the trophy when they donated it to the New York Yacht Club under a deed of gift which specified that it would be used as a “perpetual challenge cup for friendly competition between nations”. The America’s Cup, named after the winning schooner America, was born. This trophy is one of the most expensive in the world.

6- Ballon d’Or trophy – $600,000

Purpose: Awarded annually to the best male and female football players
Actual value: $600,000

The Ballon d’Or is a prestigious individual award given annually to football players by the French news magazine France Football. This is one of the oldest and most prestigious individual awards for football players.
While the entire Ballon d’Or is not gold, the trophy is first dipped in liquid gold and then mounted on a pyrite base in the final stages of the process. This trophy is one of the World’s Most Expensive Trophies In 2023.

5- Stanley Cup Trophy – $650,000

Games – Canadian National Hockey League (NHL)
Material – Silver
Year of creation – 1892
Size – 89.5cm
Weight – 15.6kg

We don’t know how much the Stanley Cup trophy is worth. However, based solely on the raw material’s value, USA TODAY reckons you could sell it for around $23,500 (£18,000). One of the oldest and most coveted trophies in the world, it is awarded annually to the winning team in the NHL hockey championship in Canada.

More than a century old and with new team names inscribed every year, it has become one of the biggest trophies in the world. It’s so high that every few years, the oldest bands have to be replaced with new ones.

The oldest band to remain healthy in the Hockey Hall of Fame. And, while we don’t know the specifics of its coverage, the Stanley Cup and what it stands for is priceless. So, if insured, it could very well be a lot of money.

4- BNP Paribas Fortis Diamond Games Trophy – $1.3 million

Contest – Diamond Game
Material – Gold and Diamonds
Weight – 4.5kg

The Diamond Games is a prestigious women’s tennis tournament with stunning trophies. The trophy was created to honor a female player who has won the singles three times in five years. The last winner was Amélie Mauresmo, who most recently won three times in a row in 2007.

This beautiful tennis trophy is shaped like a tennis racket with a tennis ball in the center. It is made of gold and studded with more than 1,700 diamonds. Following Amélie Mauresmo’s award in 2007, a new trophy was set up in 2008, this time with 2008 Diamonds! This trophy is one of the World’s Most Expensive Trophies In 2023.

This trophy should be the most expensive trophy on the list, as it’s the only one that’s really worth anything…along with diamonds, insurance and inheritance aside.

3- BorgWarner Trophy – Motorsports – $1.3 million

Race – Indianapolis 500
Material – Sterling Silver
Year of creation – 1936
Size – 163cm
Weight – 45kg

Originally worth $10,000 in 1936, the BorgWarner Trophy is now insured for more than $1.3 million, or around £1 million. The sterling silver racing trophy was produced by automotive supplier BorgWarner in 1936 and first presented in 1937. The award is given to the winner of the annual Indianapolis 500 mile race (affectionately known as the Indy 500).

Surprisingly, the Indianapolis 500 is the longest running auto series in the world. The event has been held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway since 1911. However, trophies will not be awarded to contest winners. Instead, they get a miniature replica to hold.

Some might find it odd that the BorgWarner Trophy has the faces of all the drivers who have run the Indianapolis 500 engraved on it. It has to expand because it has many faces on it. As such, it is not only one of the most expensive trophies in the world, but also one of the largest. This trophy is one of the World’s Most Expensive Trophies In 2023.

2- Woodlawn Vase – Horseback Riding Trophy – $2.5 million

Contest – Preakness Stakes
Material – Sterling Silver
Year of creation – 1860
Size: 91cm
Weight – 13.6kg

The Preakness Stakes is an annual horse race in the United States held on the third Saturday in May. Tiffany & Co. designed the horse racing trophy in 1860 and debuted it in 1861. But due to the start of the American Civil War, the trophy had to be buried and thus failed to be melted into ammunition.

It has been carefully preserved and is now given to the winner of the Bilicones Tournament every year. They cannot keep the original trophy, but will be given a copy.

The actual value of the gold bar is £5,000, but because of its history and prestige, it fetches more than $2.5 million, or about £2 million.

1- FIFA World Cup Trophy – $20 million

Competitions – FIFA World Cup
Material – 18ct Gold and 2 layers of semi-precious Malachite
Year of creation – 1974
Size – 36.5cm
Weight – 6.175kg

The FIFA World Cup soccer trophy is the world’s most expensive trophy in 2023, worth $20 million. The 2023 World Cup even cost Qatar $220 billion. As you probably know, it is awarded the winning team of the FIFA World Cup. It was first launched in 1974 and designed by Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga. The planet held up by two figures in the design. The 18-carat gold trophy is hollow, because if it solid, it,s weigh 70-80 kilograms, which is too heavy to lift. The winning team cannot claim the World Cup trophy as there is only one.

They’ve now got a bronze-plated replica. The actual World Cup trophy is worth $20 million, or around £16 million, according to USA Today.

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